What is Arizona Waldorf Scholarship Foundation?

Arizona Waldorf Scholarship Foundation (AWSF) is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) School Tuition Organization (STO) founded in 2002 to fund scholarships for students attending independent Waldorf schools in the state of Arizona and other private schools with shared values.


The Arizona Private School Tax Credit Program allows any Arizona income taxpayer to contribute to an STO, like AWSF, and claim a dollar for dollar credit on their tax return.



 Do you pay income tax
to the state of Arizona?

If so, you could help fund scholarships by making a contribution to AWSF and receiving a dollar for dollar tax creditThis is a wonderful way for you to make a significant impact in our community at no cost to you.


Does your business pay income tax
to the state of Arizona?

We are looking for caring business owners like yourself to contribute their AZ state tax liability to AWSF. When you contribute to a recognized non-profit 501(c)(3) STO, it is a dollar-for-dollar Arizona tax credit. This is a no cost way for you to contribute to bettering the education of the children of Arizona.