What is AWSF?

Arizona Waldorf Scholarship Foundation (AWSF) is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) School Tuition Organization (STO) founded in 2011 to fund scholarships for students attending independent Waldorf schools in the state of Arizona and other private schools with shared values.

The Arizona Private School Tax Credit Program allows any Arizona income taxpayer to contribute to an STO, like AWSF, and claim a dollar for dollar credit on their tax return.

Am I eligible to participate?

Anyone who has an AZ state tax liability, no matter how small, can participate. In order to claim a dollar for dollar tax credit, the maximum contribution can be equal to your liability or the maximum allowable for your filing status, whichever is less. Visit  www.azdor.gov for the current amounts.

Even if you do not have a liability, you can still participate. Your donation would be treated as a charitable gift, as opposed to a tax credit, for tax purposes.

Do I have to contribute to AWSF by December 31st?

No. The state allows you to re-direct your tax liability up until the day you file or April 15th.

Does AWSF want my refund?

No. AWSF is funded by your tax dollars that would have otherwise gone to the state. This is an empowering way to decide how your tax dollars are spent and provide a scholarship at no cost to you.

If I’m expecting a refund, can I still participate?

Yes! A refund solely means you overpaid in withholdings.  The portion of the withholdings that the state is keeping is what can be redirected to AWSF. As mentioned above, AWSF does not want your refund.

What is the AWSF General Scholarship Fund?

The General Fund provides scholarships for families with the greatest financial need from non-recommended tax credits.

Why should I contribute my personal tax liability to the General Fund?

A robust scholarship fund provides a healthier and more diverse community which benefits us all.